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country music

Confessions Of A Country Music Fan

There are friends I’ve had for years who, when I tell them I am a country music fan, look at me as though I’ve just confessed that I…


The Urge to Create and Perform: Music

Music – an industry saturated with artists desperate to break through and make their presence felt. So many musicians have to be resilient enough to work all hours, travel…

babymetal gig

Tutus, Pigtails and Screaming Guitars: How Babymetal are Changing the Face of Rock Music

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen at a gig? A man losing a shoe in a mosh pit?* Someone dressed as Anna from Frozen, for no good…

amy winehouse

Amy: Show This Film To Your Kids

Asif Kapadia’s Amy is a beautiful film.  The problem with Amy Winehouse’s music being so powerful, raw and intoxicating is that it almost romanticises the horror of addiction….

Sex and Music…One and the Same, Right?

In the beginning, you simply can’t get enough. At every opportunity, in every spare second, you’re sneaking a crafty moment alone together, unable to believe that anyone else…


The Best Teacher I Ever Had

That one teacher you never forget. For all the right reasons. Smetana’s syphilis drove him mad y’know. Miss Stanway taught me that. Too many prostitutes apparently. I wonder…