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Simple Stuff Works: Supporting People With Disabilities

In 2004, having spent years researching how best to support people with complex disabilities, Sarah Clayton found herself incredibly frustrated at the lack of practical support they were…


Happy Cafés – Serving Food & Drink…Plus Emotional Health & Wellbeing!

A sad fact of modern times is that we are often too busy with various important projects and goals to remember to be kind and compassionate, to ourselves…

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Abortion: Pro-Choice? Pro-Life? Pro-Love

I should have had a baby today. Oh I know “due dates” are, as any midwife will tell you, less than an exact science. Having four children already, I…

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Swimming One Channel…Aiming For Oceans 7!

On cold, dark winter Saturday mornings, when the world huddled under its duvet and ignored the icicles forming outside its windows, 41 year old Birmingham Sports Massage Therapist…

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9 Perfect Reasons To Play Golf

Has Danny Willett winning the Masters left you with an urge to give golf a go? Or perhaps your guilty conscience needs persuading that you should allow yourself…


I Demand A Cure For Menstruation: It’s Bollocks

Here is a typical example of what’s been happening to me once a month for the past thirty years: Two days before period: Stayed in bed all day….


Sorry Not Sorry: Stop Apologising For Existing

Have you ever found yourself apologising for things that aren’t your fault? Maybe you’ve said ‘Sorry, she’s always late’ or ‘Sorry, I’m in your way’ as some inconsiderate…


7 Reasons You Should Treat Yourself To That Massage!

The reasons for getting a sports massage can be physical, emotional or simply why-the-heck-not. It’s inarguably better for you than sitting down with a bottle of wine, and…


Postnatal Depression: A Real Motherhood Challenge

“How can you be bored at home with your babies? Just give it five years until they’re at school; you’ll regret it if you don’t. It’s time you’ll…


All The Right Junk In All The Right Places?

As a precursor, let me explain: I love boobs. Big ones, small ones, firm ones, saggy ones, old ones, young ones, real ones, fake ones, different coloured ones, all…