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7 Things That America Needs To Explain

Earlier this year, I went on a long awaited and much anticipated trip to Orlando, Florida. Every moment of it was amazing, from the theme park rides to…

Humans Welcome Art

The Urge To Create And Perform: “Controversial” Art

Twenty year old Natalie Jovanovic is an artist who lives in Bradford and describes herself as “wittering” as she tells me that Sean Ono Lennon, Rufus Hound and Ricky…

megan tour

Comedy: Megan Ford’s Feminasty – “Well, the patriarchy isn’t going to f*** itself.”

Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda is playing as Megan Ford greets  the small audience gathering to watch her Edinburgh Fringe preview in Islington; she confesses that she’s having to resist the urge…


Friends: Always There For You (Well, Me Anyway)

Like many others I know, I go through periods of time when I feel utterly at a loss as to the point of myself. This post isn’t about…

love hate sneakers

Romance: It’s Not All Flowers And Teddy Bears

A friend once commented to me that he couldn’t work out if my boyfriend and I were ‘the best couple I know, or the absolute worst.’ Fair enough….


Luisa Omielan: Is She Right, Ladies? Hell Yeah!

Luisa Omielan’s show Am I Right, Ladies? is so brilliant that I went to see it twice last year. I follow her every move on social media, have…

Sex and Music…One and the Same, Right?

In the beginning, you simply can’t get enough. At every opportunity, in every spare second, you’re sneaking a crafty moment alone together, unable to believe that anyone else…


Stop Telling Russell Brand To Shut Up. By Another Small Town Voice.

I’ve never been to Grays in Essex, but I imagine it to be much like many other small towns spread across the country, about half an hour away…


The Work Night Out – A Survival Guide

So you agreed to it ages ago when it didn’t seem like a big deal. And anyway, it was months in advance, right? Almost as though it was…


Carry On…It’s Just Banter

Carry On films are a British tradition: just silly, harmless postcard humour. As British as eating fish and chips in a stripy deckchair on a freezing beach whilst wearing…