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When Your Heart Gets Broken (By A Small Penis) – Samantha Jones Reacts

I have nothing against small penises (penii?). Many small penises have brought me much joy. In fact, I just love penises. All of them. Big ones, small ones,…

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Abortion: Pro-Choice? Pro-Life? Pro-Love

I should have had a baby today. Oh I know “due dates” are, as any midwife will tell you, less than an exact science. Having four children already, I…

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Swimming One Channel…Aiming For Oceans 7!

On cold, dark winter Saturday mornings, when the world huddled under its duvet and ignored the icicles forming outside its windows, 41 year old Birmingham Sports Massage Therapist…


The Urge to Create and Perform: Music

Music – an industry saturated with artists desperate to break through and make their presence felt. So many musicians have to be resilient enough to work all hours, travel…


Home Schooling: How And Why?

It was interesting to read the comments section underneath a recent interview with Charlotte Church in which she explained that she home schools her children. “So they’re basically…

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9 Perfect Reasons To Play Golf

Has Danny Willett winning the Masters left you with an urge to give golf a go? Or perhaps your guilty conscience needs persuading that you should allow yourself…


Mind Your (Table) Manners! Dining Etiquette From Around The World

Ever looked around the room to make sure it’s OK to eat with your fingers? Or have you perhaps checked that you’re about to pick up the right…


Friends: Always There For You (Well, Me Anyway)

Like many others I know, I go through periods of time when I feel utterly at a loss as to the point of myself. This post isn’t about…

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Trip Advisor, But For Boyfriends & Girlfriends

The other night I received one of those Facebook  “someone you don’t know is trying to send you a message, do you want to accept it?” alerts. My…


Friendship After 35 Means More Than At Any Other Time Of Life

I hated primary school. I was a very lonely child who found it difficult to make friends. I’m not exactly sure why, I just remember being very unhappy….