Has Danny Willett winning the Masters left you with an urge to give golf a go? Or perhaps your guilty conscience needs persuading that you should allow yourself the time to play. Here’s all the convincing you could possibly need that you should give it a go, or simply carry on golfing!

  1. Live Longer

Few of us take as much exercise as we should, so it should help ease those guilty consciences  – and make our loved ones happy – to know that the exercise you get from being in the great outdoors walking round a golf course can help to combat high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which in turn tackles health problems such as heart disease.

  2. Communicate

How often do we hear it said that communication is a dying art these days? Our addiction to smartphones and tablets can mean we engage in fewer real life conversations. Golf is a sport that is not only competitive enough to keep the banter flowing, but also gentle enough to allow for long, involved debates where you can put the world to rights.

  3. Relax

Holiday companies caught on to the benefits of golf long ago, meaning there are now golf resorts galore in hundreds of popular destinations. From all inclusive golf holidays to small family hotels offering their own miniature crazy golf courses, there’s opportunity for everyone to enjoy a relaxing game of golf.

  4. Healthy Mind

Staying active is essential if you want to feel good in mind, body and soul. Sedentary lifestyles can make us more vulnerable to depression and lower self esteem, whereas getting out into the fresh air helps your immune system and improves serotonin levels – essential if you want to feel good! So get yourself onto that beautiful, green golf course to boost your endorphins if you want to help yourself into a fitter, healthier state of mind.

5.  It doesn’t have to cost a fortune

Golf doesn’t have to be as costly as you might think. There are numerous outlets offering solutions if you’re seeking golf on a budget, and a whole host of helpful magazines and guides online to help you with all you need to know, meaning everyone can get involved and have just as much fun as Danny Willett or Rory McIlroy!


6. Doin’ it for the kids

Encouraging your children or grandchildren to get involved in a sport such as golf means that you’re helping them to develop communication and independent thinking skills which they will need in the real world. Lead by example! Prepare  your kids for the world of business and industry – introduce them to golf!

  7. See the world

Golf gives you the perfect opportunity (or excuse) to travel. Whether that means staying within the UK, spreading your wings a little further afield across Europe, or even heading right down under, there are some beautiful sights to take in on golf courses all over the world.


8. Mindfulness

In our busy lives, it’s all too easy to forget to take time out just “to be”. Excuses not to go to the gym or to avoid tonight’s jog can come far too easily after a hectic working day, but a steady walk around a golf course gives you mindfulness time: mull things over, think things through and live in the moment. Simply enjoy a little of Mother Nature’s company.


9. Everyone can join in

Golf caters for everyone: male, female, older, younger…everyone can get involved. (Tiger Woods started playing before he was two!) It really is a way of bringing friends and family together and encouraging everyone to share an interest.
So what are you waiting for? Get golfing!

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