The reasons for getting a sports massage can be physical, emotional or simply why-the-heck-not. It’s inarguably better for you than sitting down with a bottle of wine, and the effects are definitely more positive and long-lasting. Take a look at how you could benefit…then why not try it out for yourself?

1. Massage makes you feel good about yourself

feel goodTaking time out for you might initially feel like an extravagant luxury, but the benefits to your own state of mind are amazing. Because you’ve paid attention to your body in ways you may not have done before, you’ll feel more positive both physically and emotionally, making you far more likely to continue taking care of yourself. Win-win!

2. Massage for mindfulness and relaxation

We all lead busy lives and rarely take enough time out for ourselves. Having a massage means you have nothing to do other than just “be”! It’s perfect mindfulness time. You don’t even have to think for yourself if you don’t want to, because a massage therapist is an expert who’s there to move your body around for you!

3. Get that blood flowing!

flexibleMassage aids your circulation which means all those tense, damaged muscles get the extra oxygen they’re craving which in turn means your body is more flexible and relaxed.

4. Long lasting effects

Despite warnings about the potential effects of alcohol, it’s often too tempting to collapse in front of the TV with a bottle of wine for the evening. This may well make you feel relaxed for a couple of hours but most likely rather tired and groggy the following morning. The effects of massage are immediate, long lasting and make you feel great for ages. Because every muscle in your body is affected, you are less tense and feel awake and energised.

5. You don’t have to be a sporty person

massage therapyIt’s a common misconception that only athletes can have or need a sports massage. Everybody’s body has muscles that get pushed and pulled in all sorts of ways that mean they need taking care of. If your job means you spend your days hunched over a computer, sitting, or waiting on tables, you’re probably putting extra stress on some muscles and completely ignoring others. A professional sports massage therapist knows exactly what all of these should feel like, and can help to balance your body.

6. It will make you want to be kinder to your body

A sports massage therapist will talk you through everything as it is happening. You’ll hear about muscles you never knew you had and all the amazing things that our bodies can do. It will encourage you to want to take better care of yourself and provide motivation for that healthier lifestyle you keep promising yourself!

7. You’ll feel supple and healthy

jumpingYou’ll find yourself lighter on your feet and springing out of bed with that little bit more ease. You’ve treated your body to a much needed MOT and service, so you’ll find it’s bound to be easier and more pleasurable to use!

So, if you feel in need of a boost, whether it’s physical and/or emotional, why not give sports massage a go? After all, the moral of the story seems to be “be good to your body and mind and they’ll be good to you too!”

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