I have never met Kate Moss. But I like to imagine that we’d get on like a house on fire and become BFFs as she seems to hold her drink pretty much like I do: by that I mean she thinks she holds her drink really, really well, but then is often reminded the next day that she did something incredibly embarrassing and a bit offensive. In my case it doesn’t really matter and I just have to insist on seeing friends’ “recently deleted” folders to ensure all evidence of my wrongdoings

 has been destroyed. It’s more complicated for Kate. Her drunken screams of “You’re a basic bitch” when not allowed what she wants on an EasyJet flight end up front page tabloid news. Anyway, my point is that I sympathise. I think she’s alright.

Most recently, I’ve become just the tiniest bit sick of the press giving Kate a hard time over the breakdown of her marriage. Why are they doing this? Is it because she’s gone off with someone else? No. Has she been really, really nasty to husband, Jamie Hince? No. Oh…what’s she done then that deserves the oh-so passive-aggressive smirks and whispers from the spiteful Mean Girls sounding media? Wait, what? SHE’S OVER FORTY? Oh my god why didn’t you say so? That’s disgusting! Or so it would seem.

See, there is a definite tinge of glee coming from tabloid newspapers, online gossip sites and various women’s magazines who are using language like, “Don’t look now Kate”, or “Kate’s love rival” oh and the wet dream come to life of being able to say “younger model” because the woman he’s been seen with IS (get this!) literally a model, and (I can barely contain myself as I write it) younger than Kate! It’s like a gift from the gods!

Kate Moss is instantly recognisable; a lot of us have grown up alongside her and some say she’s only just coming into her own. In this article from the Independent, Ger Tierney, executive fashion editor of i-D Magazineputs it perfectly: “Women want to connect with a character, they want a strong woman and no longer buy into the next long-limbed schoolgirl to turn up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at fashion week. It’s easy to connect with Kate because we’ve grown up watching her career, her personal life, her high and her lows. She has become humanised over the years and is more marketable than ever.”


So let’s get a little perspective on this whole, nasty “Hahaha, you’re too old now, we know it’s true because we’ve seen your bloke with a younger woman” thing, shall we?

Kate Moss began modelling when she was fourteen years old. 

She is an experienced woman of the world who must have negotiated – as a teenage girl – a life most of us can only begin to imagine. She is worth £55 million (she owns two companies worth £20 million). The woman knows how to live and, despite puffing away on a million cigarettes, drinking the likes of Pete Doherty under the table, having been in relationships with various high profile celebs such as Johnny Depp and Russell Brand, completing a stint at The Priory, giving birth to a daughter and being a good mum, appearing on over 300 magazine covers, and partying with Sadie Frost, Lily Allen et al, (all of this being survived despite the glare of the world’s media) she’s still raking in the cash for looking goddam amazing. That woman has some staying power and I don’t care whether she’s fourteen, forty or four hundred years old. If I had even an ounce of the balls and resilience that she’s got in just her little finger, I couldn’t care less whether the husband (with whom I’d already mutually agreed that things just weren’t working out) was seeing a “younger model” or not because I’M KATE FUCKING MOSS!

So anyway, that’s my message to Kate. I hope she’s doing okay, because we’re all only human. It doesn’t matter who you are, no matter how famous or beautiful – when those less accomplished find themselves, en masse, able to have a dig at you because of something totally outside of your control – like, y’know – time, it’s still got to hurt. The woman is a legend. I’d jump on an EasyJet flight with her any time.

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